🏠AliCoin Intro

AliCoin Marketplace & Decentralized exchange platform

We are an ecommerce marketplace platform that uses AliCoin as a payment medium for all Platform products and decentralized exchange for exchange.

Advantages of using AliCoin payment method

🚀 Fast Transaction Convenient and secure blockchain transactions with prompt transaction verification.

📍 Low trading fees Low transaction fees compared with other payment methods are stable and secure.

About AliCoin

AliCoin finance We are a Marketplace Platform where members can open an online store and use AliCoin to buy product. Members can trade AliCoin on our Decentralized exchange platform

Our Project

We have created a Marketplace where our users can open an online store and sell their products.And we have built Alicoin as a Payment gateway for payment of goods on our Platform.Decentralized exchange platform to support the exchange of our users.

AliCoin Marketplace Platform

AliCoin Marketplace is an ecommerce platform. We have ready-to-sell products from members who open stores. We use AliCoin as a payment medium. Platform has compiled each category of products to facilitate product search. Convenient and secure payment The system will connect to the Wallet and press payment automatically. just a few steps And every transaction made through Alicoin will receive a 10% discount on all transactions.

AliCoin Payment gateway

Easy to use procedure Press to pay for products, connect to wallet, press to confirm payment, check transactions via blockchain, convenient and safe.

Decentralized exchange platform

We are a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Feature of AliCoin

The most perfect blockchain system. We have a professional system design team. to develop a system to support the new era of financial technology with future changes


The developers of Alicoin tokens are focused on the long-term vision of the project.we intend to make sure that we project hits all its milestones and objectives secure and accessible for everyone.


Alicoin we are Ecommerce marketplace platform run on binance Smart Chain. (BEP20) guarantees lower transaction costs

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